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Blending research expertise and artificial intelligence to rapidly identify trusted data most relevant for your patients. ​

Medint provides personalized, evidence-based, clinical information to physicians, supporting them in making informed decisions for a broader spectrum of care. 

Created by Physicians, for Physicians

Presenting data is only part of the picture; there is also a need for an in-depth understanding of the individual perspective, including the humane and ethical aspects of medicine. 

AI can’t compete at this point with human intelligence and compassion. Medint therefore offers a service that seamlessly integrates human medical expertise with AI technology. Our team consists of information specialists, data analysts, experienced researchers, and clinicians. This allows us to provide information in a manner that blends professional insight, care, and technology.

Medint.ai was created specifically for physicians, ensuring a service that’s finely tuned to the unique requirements of the profession. Prioritizing quality and guided by the characteristics and needs of each individual patient, we identify the existing evidence and outline possible treatment solutions.

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  • Patient diagnosis
  • Relevant patient history and background
  • Expected outcomes from query response

    Examples of real physician queries:

  • Is there any chemo or immunotherapy regimen that could be recommended to this patient given her advanced age and relative frailty? The intent would be palliative, but the goal is to extend life with a meaningful quality of life.
    Medint response
  • Is there a recommendation to screen for JC virus antibodies prior to administering Rituximab?
    Medint response

 *A Medint representative may contact you after trying the tool to hear your input and feedback.

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