The world’s first Medical Intelligence unit

A medical intelligence platform to support accurate clinical decision-making

Why is Medical Intelligence necessary?

The quantity of medical information worldwide is growing at an exponential pace - to keep up, one must stay current
Every 26 seconds a medical article is published
Every 73 days medical information worldwide doubles itself
0 m
Over 1M clinical studies are being simultaneously conducted worldwide
0 %
About a third of Google's searches are on health issues

What do we offer?

Reliable, current and accurate medical information, to support decision-making
Research intelligence
for medical teams

Targeted studies on demand
for medical and clinical teams

Medical intelligence
for organizations

Strategic and transverse studies to serve
healthcare institutions, and companies

Customized studies for patients
with severe, complex and rare illnesses

Partners and Clients

We work in collaboration with leading companies, institutions, and organizations within the medical ecosystem

What makes our service unique?

An array of medically-trained researchers fluent in various languages
Widespread accessibility to raw, un-indexed information
A network of international connections for sharing knowledge
A team of senior, leading physicians
Collaborations with research institutions and medical centers worldwide
Access to current data and studies, even before they are published