Medical intelligence for organizations and healthcare institutions

A platform to support strategic decision-making, providing information to companies and organizations within the medical sphere

Medint’s system, supported by the network of specialist researchers, conducts vital studies for policy-making and decision-making. Medint’s service for organizations includes locating and analyzing medical, clinical and research data from around the world, connecting with research institutes, universities, Pharma and Biotech companies in the international sphere. The research process and its products are accurately tailored and customized to the organization’s needs, mostly focused on innovative developments, biological and technological processes currently in development and analysis of global trends, with an emphasis on practical, implementable science.

What output does the platform provide

We will define the type, format and scope of information you'll recieve, customized to the organization's needs

A 3-4 page report containing raw information from the field, providing an answer to a concrete question

“Push information” received in a live and ongoing manner about pre-defined core subjects”

A focal research project on a specific subject – based on a patient’s medical case or a broad-scope dilemma”

A transverse study identifying trends and deeply reviewing a specific subject, for prediction and decision-making purposes

Whom is this service suitable for?

Which topics are covered
in research for organizations and companies?