Medint's Founder

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"Knowledge is power - we are working to bring the medical knowledge that is already in the world to the right people at the right time and in a way that it can completely change the picture for them

Our Vision

What makes us unique?

The number of medical and healthcare publications is increasing daily and no single physician is capable of reviewing all of it for every single patient.

We aim to bridge the gap between the amount of medical information and the need to make rapid decisions.

Our method covers conventional sources of medical information and diverse un-indexed information worldwide. Combining AI and human expertise enables the Medint team to identify information within a short time frame. Our researchers collate information relevant to your patients and present it in a manner that streamlines complex decision-making.

Tanya Attias

Founder-Partner & CEO

Prof. Sharon Einav


Tami Broide


Dr. Yotam Bronstein

Research Development Manager

Itamar Ben Shitrit

Clients Relations Manager

Avi Yaron

VP Business Development

Sarah Shetrit


Ilia Glushkov

Technology and information

Yonit Hanan

Operations Manager

Medical and research team

Dr. Amit Hart
Lead Medical Analyst
Rotem Siso
Lead Medical Analyst
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Mark Volevich
Lead Medical Analyst
Daphna Idan
Medical Data Analyst
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Itay Zahavi
Lead Medical Analyst

Medical and research team

Dr. Miriam Herman


Dr. Michal Meir

Pediatrics and infectious diseases

Dr. Ari Raphael

Oncology & Clinical cancer research

Dr .Ze’ev Itsekson

Speciality in short Neurology and Stroke

Dr. Ester Tahover


Dr. Tuvia Brondvine

Internal Medicine

Lior Zornitzki, M.D.

Internal Medicine

Prof. Moshe Frenkel

Integrative Oncology

Dr. Ruth Levinson

Internal Medicine

Dr. Shirly Kama

Family medicine

Dr. Sharon Ben Baruch


Dr. Orna Anna Gribova

Biotechnology, Pharm and Holistic Therapist

Partners and Clients

We work in collaboration with leading companies, institutions, and organizations within the medical ecosystem