Medical intelligence for companies, organizations, and healthcare institutions

    • A strategic decision-making support platform for companies and organizations in the med-ecosystem.

Our research entails sourcing and analyzing global medical, clinical, and research data. We forge connections with international research institutes, universities, Pharma and Biotech companies. Tailored for innovation, our intelligence analysis reports focus on ongoing developments, biological and technological processes, and global trends, emphasizing practical, implementable science.

What does Medint deliver?

We deliver data-based intelligence analysis reports adapted to the needs of your organization. We help you choose the most appropriate type, scope, and format of information.

A 3-4 page report containing raw information from the field, providing an answer to a concrete question

“Push information” received in a live and ongoing manner about pre-defined core subjects”

A focal research project on a specific subject – based on a patient’s medical case or a broad-scope dilemma”

A transverse study identifying trends and deeply reviewing a specific subject, for prediction and decision-making purposes

Intelligence Analysis Report Sample