Personal Medical Research for Patients

A personalized summary of current and reliable medical knowledge, designed to support decision-making for patients with complex and rare conditions

Reliable, accurate and current medical information, “out of the box” to support decision-making – accurately tailored to the patients’ needs

Whom is this service suitable for?

Patients following a new diagnosis Patients following an oncological diagnosis

Patients with a chronic illness Patients following a diagnosis of a rare/orphan disease

Identifying therapies not included in the healthcare basket, or ones available for other indications​​

Locating and contacting leading specialists and centers worldwide

Analysis and comparison of treatment alternatives

A focal medical intelligence service
Get a quick and efficient response for a medical query within 1-3 business days. just a few clicks, and our system will start working for you.

Whom is this service suitable for?

Leading specialists

Locating the 2-3 most experienced specialists, who treated the largest number of patients with a similar condition to yours, including contact information and additional information.

Targeted medical query

A quick response to a specific medical question

Personal medical summary

Collecting and compiling your medical information to one consolidated, comprehensive and clear medical document which can be easily presented to any specialist or medical entity in Israel and worldwide.

Whom is this service suitable for?

What do patients and family members have to say?

Each of the patients with whom we've worked has a moving personal story, and some have chosen to come forth and share it. Find out what they have to say about us through their personal stories.
I was lonely with my syndrome, with more questions than answers. Now I don’t feel alone.
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“How is it possible that as a journalist I did not ask the doctors for these questions?”I gave...
Full story of Linoy


A detailed report containing accurate answers to all the questions you defined in collaboration with the dedicated researcher that worked on your case. The report shall be submitted in a language of your choice, and in a manner that is edited, clear and accessible, suitable for both your own understanding and the medical professionals that treat you.

Medint does not presume to replace physicians. Our purpose is to provide you with reliable, current information, with objective data that may help you make better decisions about your specific medical condition.
Using our unique technology, we allow you to keep abreast of all the options you have, so you can ask your physician the right questions and make decisions accordingly.
Unlike physicians, who have a limited amount of time, we have the resources and access to technologies to conduct comprehensive research of your specific case. We analyze the best and most original sources of information, including successful cases in similar patients that may be significant for your specific case.

The Medint research team conducts a preliminary examination to evaluate if innovative information and additional directions for research exist worldwide.

Each patient receives a response as per their needs and the required degree of urgency. The research team is available for ongoing communication with the patient throughout a pre-determined period.

We provide information for patients in every stage of contending with their medical condition, from the moment of diagnosis to the exhaustion of all lines of treatment. We specialize in finding information immediately post-diagnosis, and while facing a crossroads in decision-making.

As we’ve found out more than once, contacting healthcare providers and clinical centers can be an exhausting process, and we will be delighted to make initial contact for you, when this is relevant.

This may vary on a case-to-case basis. In general, a summary of your last visit to your attending physician, which includes your diagnosis, shall be sufficient to start. Additionally, if you have other important tests, you should inform the medical researcher of this, and they will direct you in case this information may be significant to your research. Medint’s researchers are obligated to maintain medical confidentiality and not to share information about your medical condition with unauthorized persons.

In most cases, we work directly with patients or their caregivers. However, we would be delighted to work directly with your physician, according to your preference.

When we’ve established Medint, we decided to aspire to provide our services for everyone, even those who cannot afford them. If you have specific financial needs, please state this in your request, and we will do our best to offer a suitable solution. Unfortunately, we can only do this for a limited number of cases at a time.

We make an effort to include the Medint service in insurances, and some insurances already cover the service. We recommend to check with your insurance agent or employer to see if your insurance covers the service.
Our service is included in your policy if it includes the following terms:
Consultation – an opinion provided by a specialist physician and/or personal medical research based on international databases for discussion of a policyholder’s medical condition and possible manners of treatment.

Your privacy is important to us. Outside your medical researcher and the analysis team who examine your case, your private information will not be shared with others. If possible, we would ask you to share documents after private information is deleted/redacted. Our comprehensive privacy policy is detailed in the privacy policy section. – חוץ מצוות המחקר האישי שלך