Personal Medical Research for Patients

Custom summaries that aid informed decisions, delivering globally sourced, life-changing medical information for patients with diverse medical conditions.

Whom is this service suitable for?

  • Personal medical research for patients with complex or chronic illness
  • Patients with orphan disease
  • Patients following a new diagnosis or an oncological diagnosis
  • Identifying therapies not included in the healthcare basket, or ones available for other indications
  • Locating and contacting leading specialists and centers worldwide
  • Analysis and comparison of treatment alternatives

Medint in a Click

A focal medical intelligence service

Get a quick and efficient response for a medical query within 1-3 business days.

Just a few clicks and our system will start working for you.

What can we help with?

Locating Leading specialists

Locating the 2-3 most experienced specialists, who have treated the largest number of patients with a similar condition to yours, including their contact information and additional information.

Targeted medical query

A quick response to a specific medical question

Personal medical summary

Collecting and compiling your medical information into one consolidated, comprehensive, and clear medical document which can be easily presented to any specialist or medical entity worldwide.